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Maps for Mayhem Intergalactic

Looking for maps?

Check out the Map Repository forum, which contains maps created and submitted by fellow fans.

Please make sure you've upgraded to the latest version of Mayhem Intergalactic first, as maps will sometimes require new features and won't play correctly on old versions. Also note that custom maps will not function in the demo; get the full version to obtain this functionality!

Installation instructions

  1. Find and download the map's .ini file.
  2. Open your custom maps folder. There's a shortcut to it in the Start menu under "Mayhem Intergalactic". (If there isn't, you probably need to upgrade.)
  3. Copy the .ini file into the custom maps folder.
  4. Start Mayhem Intergalactic and get playing!

To play a singleplayer game with the map, choose Singleplayer and then Custom Game from the main menu. The map should appear in the drop-down list on the settings screen.

To play the map in a multiplayer game, choose it at the server's settings screen. Please note that the server is the person who needs the map in their custom maps folder; if you join someone else's server, you'll be using their custom maps list instead.

Advanced users: The custom maps folder is usually C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application Data\MayhemIntergalactic\maps. Please note that Application Data is a hidden folder.

Want to make your own maps?

Visit the Cartographic Chaos forum for instructions on how to make your own maps, and for assistance if you get stuck.

To test and play on your own maps, follow the installation instructions above. The only difference is that instead of downloading an .ini file, you make one yourself.

Good luck!